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What is knee walker, knee scooter?


A knee scooter is a device that is a more comfortable alternative to crutches when you have an ankle or foot injury. It is also ideal for below-the-knee amputees.  A knee scooter is sometimes called a knee walker, leg walker, knee cruiser, leg caddie and a lot of other names.

A knee scooter is a cushion with pads. It comes with a handlebar and wheels. To use it, you simply kneel on the cushioned knee platform and off you go.

Why You Need a Knee Walker

Crutches can cause strain on your underarms and forearms. Your underarms and forearms were not designed to support your weight. Using crutches for a long time can expose nerves under your arms to severe injury. Unlike crutches, a knee scooter makes sure that you do not place any weight or stress on your injured ankle or foot.

When you use a knee scooter, your body weight is on your shin, the strongest bones in your body. Additionally, using this device lowers the risk of you falling and adding injury to your leg.

How to Use a Knee Scooter

It is relatively easy to use a knee scooter. However it can be dangerous if it is not correctly used. If you are not careful, you can run the risk of re-injuring your ankle or foot.

1. Position your injured leg on the center of the scooter’s pad. Bend your knee at 90 degree so your weight is on your shin.


2. Position your free leg on the ground.


3. Use your free leg to push you forward. The concept is similar to the kick scooter you used as a kid.


As a safety precaution, do not push too hard and keep your eyes on where you are going.


Injuries Where You Can Use a Knee Scooter

Knee scooters can only be used when you have injuries in the lower leg. These types of injuries require that weight and stress are kept off the injured leg.  Such injuries include:

· Ankle Sprains

· Ankle Injury

· Fractured foot

· Fractured ankle

· Achilles tear

· Achilles rupture

· After a Foot Surgery

· After an Ankle Surgery.


Injuries Where You Cannot Use a Knee Scooter

Knee scooters are not designed for use with all types of foot injuries. Refrain, at all cost, from using knee scooters if you have any of these injuries:

· When you have injuries on both your legs

· When you find it difficult to balance

· When you have above a knee cast which prevents you from bending your knees in a 90 degree

· If you have injuries that prevent you from using your free leg to push the knee scooter forward.


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