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How to choose a suitable rollator?-Rollator Options


Rollator Options

Rollators come outfitted in various ways.  Some features are standard, others optional.  The most popular items include:

· seat

· shopping basket or bag

· walking stick holder


If you tire easily, you will want a seat on your walker so you can rest when fatigued.  Some rollators even include a small backrest and armrests that assist with sitting down or standing up.

Shopping basket/bag

It's nice to be able to carry items easily from place to place while using a rollator.  Baskets and bags of various sizes and position are available for this purpose. Open wire baskets are a snap to load and unload, but under-seat tote bags provide privacy for things like purses.

Baskets positioned low on the rollator frame may be difficult to reach.

Walking stick holder( Cane holder/Umbrella holder)

There are places where rollators don't function very well - such as extremely tight spaces.  A holder enables you to have a cane or walking stick on hand for those times when using the walker itself proves inconvenient. 

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