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New big wheels knee scooter HCT-9125F will be your first choice!


Most knee scooters are designed with four wheels. Other types have three wheels. Over the years, this mobility device has evolved from being one with small wheels for indoor use to larger, sturdier, and more durable devices for indoor and outdoor use.


But there are many kinds of knee scooters in the market. You may be wondering: how do I get to select the right choice? Well, here are some tips for you to consider before buying:

· Look for adjustment:

Before you buy any knee scooter, make sure it has a high level of adjustment or flexible options that you can set to maneuver around the scooter. The condition of your fractured or broken leg may demand a particular pattern. So, ensure the scooter is completely adjustable.

The All Terrain and Drive Medical are typical examples of knee scooters with adjustable cushion, frame or handle.

· Braking:

Please, don’t ever buy a knee scooter that has poorly designed braking system or one that doesn’t have a locking park braking mechanism. You have to stay well, and not to add to your injury. So, ensure you do proper research on the braking system and features of the scooter before parting with your money.

Ideally, go for scooters with dual braking systems.

· Weight:

Weight is another issue to consider when buying your knee scooter. Since you are already struggling to walk, it is not advisable to man a tool that will add additional weight to your injured but recovering leg.

Therefore, try to get the scooter with less weight, one that’s portable and easily foldable. Ideally, your scooter’s weight should not be higher than 18 to 20 pounds.

· Frame and basket:

You may not know the value of a basket attached to some knee scooters until you have found yourself in a recovery mode. When trying to recover from a broken leg or foot, you’ll find that even shopping for minor things can be very challenging; hence, the included basket. Always have it at the back of your mind.

Lastly, consider the frame of the knee scooter before you buy it. Some scooters can accommodate a person weighing 300 pounds or more. So, know your weight and then determine the frame of the scooter you’re aiming to buy. This way, you won’t have any problem.

If you still have any doubt about buying knee scooter, please contact HCT medical.

And here we want to recommend a new knee scooter to you all. Our New Big wheels knee scooter HCT-9125F.

Today we start its first mass production. It is with 12 inch front wheels and 10 inch rear wheels. All wheels are with air tires which can have suspension effect. Handle tubes and middle tube can be fold to make a small storage size. Soft knee pad has less stress on your injured ankle or foot.

Its features are superb maneuverability and safe and comfortable to use! Welcome to enquire!

More info. pls visit: www.hct-medical.com

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